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Limerunner – for rapid file sharing!

Limerunner is a newly developed p2p file sharing client based on the popular Limewire program but preserving its own personality through a mixture of features that ensure an excellent downloading process.

lime-runner-boxshotLimerunner allows a greater freedom to the user since they won’t be bothered by simultaneous download restrictions and DRM. Moreover, the downloading experience will not be hindered by annoying ads. No spyware, no adware either, the program is totally safe to download and use!

This client is very efficient in terms of finding particular songs on p2p networks that otherwise would be hard to get. From movies and music albums to applications and games, Limerunner allows you to share any type of files with other people.

The software also offers a revamped interface with a plus of style. Your outgoing and incoming connections are monitored by host name, but additionally you get bandwidth information, the version being used, etc. A built-in community chat is there to serve social purposes.

Limerunner is all about speed – from installing it to searching for the wanted files and actually having them downloaded on your hard drive, everything moves faster than before.


You will enjoy features such as: dynamic querying, advanced system for finding rare files (you can search by artist, title, genre and other metainfo), and a pleasant, neat, easy-to-work-with user interface with multiple search tabs, simultaneous downloads ability, connections to the network through GWebCache, a distributed connection system and many more.

Limerunner works with the Gnutella file-sharing protocol and also adds Bittorent support which will enable you to search for the file you want within tens of millions of other machines.

Limerunner is totally free software! Enjoy it!











Limerunner’s offers great features such as:

Free of any charge!
User-friendly installing, running, and searching abilities;
No content filtering;
Advanced searching by artist, title, genre and other metainfo;
Intuitive, nice-looking interface with multiple search tabs;
"Swarm" downloads from multiple hosts for rapid downloading;
Provides integrated Bittorent support;
Built-in chat;
Easier Tab Navigation;
Browse host feature - works even through firewalls;
Totally clean from malware and ads!


Sharing Files

Everything you share with the P2P Networks becomes public and given enough resources, is trackable. To use file sharing programs legally, you must have the permission of the owner of the copyright rights in the file for each shared file.

Downloading Files

There are many file sharing programs (ours included) that connect users to various P2P networks. Keep in mind that a user may use a file sharing program in violation of the law. Be careful when downloading files from other users as downloading a file from a user who is in violation of the law could you make you in violation of the law as well.

Copyright Owners

We respect the concerns of copyright owners, and we are dedicated to help protect their works from online copyright infringement. If you are a copyright owner and would like to ask any question please send an email to contact@p2phood.com.Your activities on peer-to-peer networks may be monitored by copyright owners. Violation of copyright laws may subject one to substantial money damages. Copyright owners have sued thousands of people for infringement of copyright over peer-to-peer networks.